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Having grown up by the ocean Jahawi and I have seen the changes happening first hand, these are changes rarely seen as few are lucky enough to experience this world. In recent years we have had a chance to capture those changes and share them with the world through film.


In order to share the underwater world with more people we set up East African Ocean Explorers, with the aim to inspire a new generation of Kenyan Ocean Explorers who will champion marine conservation and act as an inspiration to young people in their communities. We want to provide a platform for passionate people to be able to explore and learn more about the ocean through workshops, educational films and time in the ocean for young students and scientists from coastal communities; whether it be learning how to snorkel, taking a diving course or providing a platform for scientific research.


 I actively work with the Lamu Marine Conservation Trust, a community based organisation started by my mama in 1992 as project to protect endangered turtles in the Lamu Archipelago. The organisation has expanded it reach over the past 3 decades and now currently runs the turtle project, a locally managed marine area, an environmental education clubs in 14 schools, the annual Bahari Yetu Festival and a waste management project, to name a few. Since Jahawi and I  joined the team we have started are working towards adding another locally managed marine area around our favourite Kenyan ocean site, Kinyika.

'All you can do amounts to a single drop in a limitless ocean,

yet what is an ocean but a multitude of drops.'

David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

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