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I have created fun colouring books that help children and adults learn about and appreciate the amazing variety of wildlife on this continent. So far there are three books; Bahari Yetu (Our Ocean), Wanyama Wetu (Our Mammals) and Wadudu Wetu (Our Insects), which feature detailed illustrations of animals with their descriptions in both English and Swahili. I am working on translating these books to other languages and I also donate PDF versions for educational organisations, so that as many children as possible can benefit from our work. Our mission is to inspire kids to love and protect animals.

Bahari Yetu is better suited for younger kids as the drawings are simpler, Wadud Wetu is more intricate and better for older kids and even adults, then Wanyama Wetu fits somewhere in the middle with varying details of drawings.

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These books are currently available for purchase across Kenya, should you not be able to find them in a shop please contact me.


Peponi Hotel, Lamu

Kijani Hotel, Lamu

Turtle Bay, Watamu

Rafiki Shop, Kenyaways, Diani



House of Treasures

Shamba Cafe

Nairobi Museum

Enanai, Norfolk Hotel

Safarilink Shop, Wilson


Butterbean Shop, Nanyuki

Segera Lodge, Laikpia

Borana Lodge, Borana

Sarara Lodge, Samburu

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